Sunday, March 13, 2011

Creating the Perfect Cat Eye with Liquid Eye Liner

It is difficult to apply a flawless cat eye style eye liner. To make it easier, I have broken down step-by-step how I apply eye liner. Follow these steps and practice and you will have the technique perfected in no time! I have used liquid eye liner, if you have mature skin try using an eye shadow instead.

I have ask Lydia to be my model for this post. This is her before photo without any eye liner on. 

     1. Make a thin even line across the lid.

      2. At the edge of the lid draw a thin line outwards to where you want the tip to end. This will be the bottom portion of the liner's tail.

     3.Connect the liner from mid-lid to the tip.

     4. Fill in the center of the tail. Touch up any imperfections paying close attention to symmetry and that the liner's tail is a sharp point.

    Here is Lydia's after photo now that the eye liner is complete.

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    1. Karleigh, I loved this because I wear a cat-eye everyday!
      I was hoping for a bit of a closer shot for your third photo as the connecting of the lines is what I struggle with!